About Us


At Lorien, we work with a customer centric approach to supply extensive range of dental, surgical, manicure & pedicure, and Single Use instruments to our customers.

We work in a collaborative manner with our clients. Most importantly, we value our relationship with the people who entrust us to fulfil their business needs.

It does not matter whether you are retailer or wholesaler, Lorien has the right business packages to fulfil your business needs.

How we do it

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Our Products

  • Mirror Handles
  • Mouth Mirror Explorers
  • Probes
  • Dressing Pliers
  • Syringes
  • Curettes
  • Scalers
  • Chisels
  • Files
  • Extracting Forceps
  • Root Elevators
  • Luxators
  • Periotomes
Orthodontics Instruments
  • Pliers, Instruments
  • Ligature Instruments
Instruments Management
  • Hollow Wares
  • Cassettes & Trays
  • Scalpel Handles & Blades
  • Micro Surgery Instruments
  • Scissors
  • Needle Holders
  • Tissue Pliers
  • Haemostatic Forceps
  • Retractors
  • Periodontal Instruments
  • Mallets
  • Bone Curettes
  • Bone Rongeurs
  • Bone Aspirators
  • Carriers
  • Periosteal Elevators
  • Sinus Lift Elevators
  • Bone Grafting Instruments
  • Bone Crushers & Wells
  • Osteotomes
  • Bone Splitting Chisels
  • Ratchets & Drivers
  • Trephines
  • Punches
  • Drills & Expanders
  • Composite Instruments
  • Filling Instruments
  • Excavators
  • Amalgam Instruments
  • Wax & Modelling Carvers
  • Wax/Plaster Knives and Spatulas
  • Crown Instruments
  • Matrix Retainers
  • Rubber Dam Instruments
  • Impression Trays
    Scalpels & Knives
        Forceps & Clamps
          Needle Holders
            Hooks & Retractors
              Forceps & Intestinal Clamps
                Biopsy Forceps
                  Blader Retractors & Urinary Instruments
                    Vaginal Specula & Retractors
                      Uterine Dilators, Probes & Forceps
                        Myoma Instruments
                          Biopsy Instruments
                              Tracheotomy, Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery
                                Bone Punches & Rongeurs
                                  Amputation, Elevators & Raspatories
                                    Bone Livers, Files & Curettes
                                      Mallets, Tempers, Chisels & Gauges
                                        Bone Rongeurs, Cutting & Holding Forceps
                                          Meniscus Instruments
                                            Wire Extension, Finger Nail Instruments
                                              Plaster Instruments
                                                Suction Instruments
                                                  Tungsten Carbide Instruments
                                                    Hospital Wares
                                                      All Beauty Instruments
                                                      • Beauty Instruments
                                                      Nail Cutters
                                                      • Nail Cutters
                                                      Beauty Scissors
                                                      • Beauty Scissors
                                                      Beauty Tweezers
                                                      • Beauty Tweezers
                                                      Implements Manicure Pedicure
                                                      • Manicure Pedicure Implements
                                                      Manicure Sets
                                                      • Manicure Sets
                                                      Hollow ware Beauty
                                                      • Hollow Ware Beauty
                                                      • SUI Images

                                                      We welcome your queries and look forward to develop meaningful
                                                      and profitable relationships with our clients.